Born: Bongani Chuta
Occupation: Rapper, Song-Writer & Singer
Genre: Hip Hop, Reggae 
Years Active: Mid 2000s – Present

Boiza Chuta was born in Parys in the Free State. He was inspired to do hip hop when he moved to Lawley Estate. He claimed that it was experimentation that led him to this genre because he could not be part of activities that he had begun in parys.

Bounce with me was his first attempt at recording. This track became a sudden hit in the lawley community. This was due to the fact that bongani paid homage to the community of Lawley. In the year 2012 this track also attracted the attention of Kasmedia which soon produced the music video.

This established him among the artists of Lawley and subsequently the surrounding township of Lehae, Vlakfontein, Majazana, Lenasia South, Orange Farm, Soweto and as far as Pretoria.

His Artistic practice also ventured in film production where he begun as videographer of music videos and ultimately short films.

Through his track record as community-based artist Bongani has not neglected his home community of Parys as he has produced one short film there and regularly visits the local community radio station which also leads in playing his music.

He is also the conceptualizer and founder of Blow Up a developmental program that assists young musicians to produce their own music videos.

Boiza has made a double appearance at the Yeoville Afrocentric Carnival hosted by the Department of Arts and CUlture. In Parys he has also appeared in the Tumahule Arts Festival.