Colin dropped rainbow a few months back and now has the follow up track called Bad Connection/hehh Ndaa. Man this track is fire!!! Colin went mad on this track. You can find the lyrics for the track below.

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Bad Connection/Hehh Ndaa


I feel like we got bad connection, connection.
Cuz I don’t hear ya,
Anybody there? Anybody?
Maybe I ain’t listening, maybe I ain’t listening.

Verse 1:

Broken telephone,
I may have broken my telephone
Maybe my lenses broken
Cuz I don’t see you even with a telescope.

Lord oh Lord oh
Please forgive me
Cuz I’m still living like I ain’t forgiven,
Cuz I’m still sinning like the first in Eden.
Though I ain’t no different, I don’t like it even.

Like spaceships, I cruise
While they monitor all’o mah moves
Got a bad feeling bout these bad bads
Cuz now they chasing after mah crew

Oh lawd oh lawd,
They playing us we know,
If I weren’t rapping, they wouldn’t see us,
So I’m swerving all’o these curves.

I done seen,
Too many things now I’m so depressed I don’t wanna talk about it.
Talking pointless like a broken spear, they listen but
nobody do any about it.


I got my eyes on the horizon,
Still feeling like I am,
Still stuck on a mountain with no cellphone reception, no, no.
I’m losing my mind man, I’m losing my mind, yeah,
I finna go crazy, I need you in sight, like,

No lie, yeah,
No lie, yeah,
No lie, yeah,
No lie,

Tell me our connection is tight,
Cause I need you in sight,
I ain’t telling no lie, telling no lie.

Verse 2:

I ain’t tryina let my leaves dry up
cause I’m a tree and I’m tryina bear fruit,
I’m tryina branch in to places
Where we killin these snakes,
But I can’t if it’s still dry roots,
I mean it’s two by two,

well it should be,
When I’m all alone
That’s all I wanna see,
The four of us and we conversing,
Holy trinity and me chilling in the
back seat,
back seat,
back seat,

This the song I’m recording for my daughter,
Let her know that God is getting me in order,
Cause it’s been kinda backwards like I’m Yoda,
They yell order,
Man they still judge like I’m in court.
We may literally have the same shoe size,
But you still wouldn’t play my role, no.

There’s transformation in my missions,
You’ll prolly forget I’m Christian.
You’ll prolly forget you knew me,
Cause when I spoke my mind but you ain’t listen.

I mean I try my best but ain’t good enough.
I’m tryina be the best but is it best enough?
I’m kinda good at bad, tryina change it dad,
You already know
That ain’t a easy task.


Hehh Ndaa. (Interlude):

I got that royal blood running thru my veins
I ain’t pondering like my mind blank
I keep it renewed like license.
That got me starring at these clouds man.

Hehh Ndaa, ey,
I feel I need to worship in my mother tongue.
For allo those who ain’t never learned
So they understand what I’m talking bout.

Tell me who praying for ya, ey, ey,
Thank God if they praying for ya, ey,
Don’t take it lightly,
Ain’t no feathers here,
” Except if the ones on em Angel wings, don’t take it lightly. “

Written by Maanda Colin Magwedze:

Ever felt like God doesn’t hear your prayers even though the good book says He does? For the times when you’re praying to hear His voice.

We got scriptures on scriptures and yet we still don’t hear His voice clear.  It’s as if, your whole life is a phone call and sometimes the reception is bad, the network connection isn’t strong enough.

The truth is, He does hear our prayers, the phone call on His side is pretty clear, we just need to pay a little more attention because He does respond to every single call.