Producer & Engineer


Prayers Macheke is a Producer and Engineer from Pretoria. Prayers was born, on the 7th of December 1996, and raised in Pretoria. Prayers Played the Piano for many years and after meeting a singer named AK Mista he started producing out of the need to make their own music. Since there wasn’t anyone to help with producing he took it upon himself to learn how to produce using FL studios. He only started taking producing seriously after he met a girl named Sinah Langa, which was his girlfriend at the time. She inspired him to work in his craft and make better music. They had aspirations of owning their own studio.

Prayers started wondering why his music wasn’t sounding as professional as it should. He was then introduced to Mixing and mastering. He then learned that Earl P Maribe was a mixing engineer and since he looked up to Earl P, He started learning more about being a sound Engineer.

Prayers has a studio in his house where he spends hours recording, producing, mixing and mastering hit records.