Dedicated (fea. Outkast & tyro) – Ibrahim Mahomed
Ibrahim Mahomed — Dedicated (feat. Outkast & Tyro)
Release date : Jan. 25, 2017
Label : PMGM Music Production
  1. Dedicated (feat. Outkast & tyro)


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Ibrahim Teams up with Outkast & Tyro to point out to those that belittled them, people who were raised by the system that limited their lives. A system that taught them that you have to go to school, get qualifications and then get a good job, a job which you’ll be working under someone for a minimun wave and that person doesn’t really care if you went to school for 20 years, the can always fire you in less then a minute, That you don’t need to follow the system to make it. You gotta just follow you passion and work hard at it.

This song is an anthem for those who go out there and live their passions…

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